Preview Images Using Neovim in Fedora

To preview images with neovim you can use the plugin telescope-media-files.nvim which is a Telescope extension.

To install with vim-plug, add the following lines to your config:

Plug 'nvim-lua/popup.nvim'
Plug 'nvim-lua/plenary.nvim'
Plug 'nvim-telescope/telescope.nvim'
Plug 'nvim-telescope/telescope-media-files.nvim'

This extension uses Überzug in the background, to install it on Fedora:

# dnf copr enable tokariew/ueberzug

Note that this is a fork of the original COPR by frostyx because it has issues on Fedora 35. You can then install it:

# dnf install -y ueberzug

To set up the plugin, all you need to do is to add


In a lua file in your config. If you want to put it into a vimscript source file, you can write instead:

lua << EOF

That’s it, now you can preview images by running:

:Telescope media_files

And voilà!

Telescope media demo

Written on January 12, 2022