Yet another use of a Raspberry with an old screen

September 17, 2020

I have an old ultra HD non-smart TV, here’s just a tip to make it to good use with a Raspberry. TL;DR mpv is dope What I wanted to achieve is an on-demand TV, where I can play whatever I want, without having to mess with VNC, RDP and stuff (which can increase the attack surface even further). I start with Raspbian Lite, (yeah I find the default GUI bloated) then proceed to install xserver-xorg and i3, after that it’s pretty much it. If you don’t want to start i3 manually from the Terminal each time with startx , you can use a session manager. I use lightdm, but for hardcore minimalists, there’s SLiM All you have to do is mpv <video_address>. To prevent the session to be terminated if there something wrong with the network, one solution is to use tmux, and by adding:

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Monitoring Torrents On Your Server

June 11, 2020

There are a lot of clients to manage torrents on your server: deluge, rtorrent, … but I decided to settle with transmission, mainly because it’s already installed in most of the distributions I had to manage and it provides a really handy daemon to manage all your downloads.

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Migrating from Twitter to Mastodon

May 19, 2020

Straight from their main page: “Mastodon is an open source decentralized social network”, so it’s basically the project Bluesky but already implemented (Without the ads yay). More specifically, it’s a bunch of small (compared to the whole thing) independent communities which can interact with each other. You can find more information about Mastodon and how it works in the documentation.

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Announcing atbswp, a minimalist macro recorder

March 16, 2020

atbswp: Automate The Boring Stuff With Python (yes like the book) is a multi platform, open source clone of tinytask, and for those who don’t know it, the core feature of the software is to allow the users to record their mouse and keyboard actions and reproduce them identically as many times as they want.

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The Open Source Way

August 25, 2018

I’ve been throught many articles, videos, etc. That cover just one topic : Opensource, one of the resources I’ve been through really impressed me and I decided to share the content:

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