Use atbswp's infinite playback effectively - case of a Youtube video

If you use atbswp (or any macro recorder) for a punctual task, this guide is not for you. My target are repetitive tasks that you can make atbswp perform infinitely (watching repeatedly a Youtube video for example). This is just a set of good practices I was able to identify while using atbswp for various tasks.

TL;DR Find an entry point and a exit point. The latter must reset the task after each iteration.

Show me the code

You can view the end result directly:

I’ll just expand a bit on the TL;DR with illustrations from what we are trying to achieve: watch repeatedly a Youtube video.

First the entry point

I chose a browser I don’t really use/rely on and start it without any other tab open, that’s it. In a word, as much as possible start from a clean environment.

Actually performing the task

Now you can whatever you want. In this case pasting the url (that I previously put in the clipboard) and going to the videos directly.

The exit point

This is for me the most important part. What happens if there’s a failure during the process? For example the Internet connection hanging, the browser launching a popup window? …? You cannot really predict what can go wrong, but by exiting gracefully you can solve a great deal of them. And here it’s actually closing all the tabs. In a word: restore the clean environment you found in the first place.

Additional advice

  • Use keyboard shortcuts as much as possible (I used the mouse in the demo just for the sake of clarity)
  • Use virtual machines
  • It’s useful to insert some pauses during your recording
  • Post your issues here instead of as a comment here

If you think I missed something feel free to comment below, additionally you can join the Telegram community.

Written on February 20, 2021