One-liner to test the requirements for building the Linux Kernel

I applied to a program at the Linux Foundation, and even though it didn’t go exactly well (I was too slow to complete a challenge) I learned a lot of things. But I found it tiresome to check manually if each program in Documentation/Changes is installed, so I came up with this one-liner.

head -n 58 Changes | tail -n 27 | awk '{print " "$(NF-1)" " " "$NF""}' | paste -sd\; | sh

head -n 58 Documentation/Changes | tail -n 27

Get the lines 32 to 58 in the Documentation/Changes file.

awk ‘{print “ “$(NF-1)” “ “ “$NF””}’

Get the last column (either -V or –version) and the column before that (the program name).

paste -sd\;

Format a bit separating them with semi colons.


Send everything to the shell, and just watch the output to know what you need to install.

Written on February 23, 2021