Why I like Open Source

While working on my minimalist macro recorder, which was just a little thing I did out of frustration.

I submitted it to r/Python, and if you don’t know, r/Python is a shitshow of amateurs scripts (I won’t even say projects because, well, one file of Python seems more like a script to me). Anyway, I posted on r/Python the first time, was ignored, the second time it got more traction, but not quite, and I didn’t get that much upvotes (which was a bit what I wanted I admit), but I got something even more valuable, someone not only pointed out that I need to refactor, but how I must refactor Now it might not sound like a big deal, but I remember asking that question on code review on the stackexchange network, so whoever you are, u/TomSwirly I thank you sincerely, I’ll forever be grateful.

Written on October 7, 2020